Premam – Fan Fiction (Inspired by’s ‘Premam Terror Review’)

As George was kneading dough with his bare hands (health department officials be damned) to bake a chocolate cake, he couldn’t take his mind off the cute girl who had walked into the café last night. His heart had almost skipped a beat when she asked him to write, ‘Happy Birthday Appu’ on the white forest cake. He… Continue reading Premam – Fan Fiction (Inspired by’s ‘Premam Terror Review’)

‘DINKAN|3D Animation Movie’ (2015) Review

Back in 1983, the creators of ‘Dinkan’ wouldn’t have thought even in their wildest dreams that the protagonist of the comic series they were about to create would go on to become the patron saint of rationalists in a couple of decades . The eponymous ‘Dinkan’ is a mouse with superpowers which he uses to protect the animals… Continue reading ‘DINKAN|3D Animation Movie’ (2015) Review

Kalachakram : Hitler speaks Malayalam

Introduction: When I watched the German movie – Look who’s back (German: Er Ist Wieder Da), a few days ago, I suddenly recalled a Malayalam movie with a similar premise – Kalachakram (released way back in 2002). Look who’s back is a 2015 German satire, which deals with the premise of Hitler reawakening in 2014… Continue reading Kalachakram : Hitler speaks Malayalam